Significant Concerts


Lilla Polyák, Zsolt Homonnay – Two Together

02/01/2010, 8.00 pm – 10.15 pm
Bartók Béla National Concert Hall

Music Composer, Head of the Band, Piano: IMRE CZOMBA

The Band:

Zsolt Homonnay, Lilla Polyák: Lead Vocal
Guitar: Ferenc Csiszár
Keyboards: Richard Riederauer
Saxophone: István Bakó
Bass: László Studniczky
Drum: Balázs Végh

Lilla Polyák and Zsolt Homonnay are an artistic couple. Two together. This is the title of their first joint record to be premiered at this unique concert on January 2nd. This is an exceptional occasion because the pair have never appeared together at such a great event. In this joint production, besides superb duets, each will show just what they can do solo. The concert primarily showcases the material from their joint album, as well as two songs from “Let’s Make The Festival”. Audiences will also be treated to some of the greatest hits from musicals performed by Lilla and Zsolt.