I, Leonardo

04.17.2015 RaM Colosseum Budapest

New Experidance Premier


Music Composer: IMRE CZOMBA

Chreographer: SANDOR ROMAN

Writer, Director: ZSOLT MESKO



A brilliant artist, visionary scientist , ambitious architect , but what kind of man was Leonardo da Vinci? What he lived, he loved, believed in God? Production ExperiDance new dance show try to explore these issues , showing the life of Leonardo lesser known controversially exciting episodes.

Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance hero, bursting with diverse talents forever liberated thinking – but the dark side of the restless mind of countless unfinished work, aimless drift and find solitude . Shows the anatomy of the genius, this new ExperiDance 2 act show is a breathtakingly spectacular new production.


I, Leonardo

I, Leonardo

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Photo: Gyorgy Galcsik.